About AGNES.ph

AGNES stands for “Always Grateful, Never Settle.” which is the team’s mantra.

Aside from being software and web developers, we are also non-tech entrepreneurs. Some of the businesses we own are in the food, advertising, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our experience taught us a lot of essential lessons, both as businessmen and software developers. The desire to create robust solutions for everyday problems of business owners makes us distinct from other software developers. We know what you need from the perspective of an end-user or someone who runs and owns a business. We can also feel the pain and hassles whenever a solution presented is not the right one.

Dynamic talents in web design and development, graphics design, multimedia, SEO, and digital marketing come together to create an impact. For the past years, we produced websites, business software, and mobile apps that brings a massive impact on our partners.

Providing user-friendly software solutions is one of our top priorities because we know how intimidating modern technology for some traditional business owners.

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